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  • By: Tasnim dan Zuhdi*

    Banten has many uniqueness on its own class and level, one of it is Baduy races. Baduy are the society that still practising traditional and ancient in their daily life and forbid themselves from any kind of modern technology such as electricity , machines, telephone, internet and others. Baduy are divided into two, which are Baduy Dalam and Baduy Luar. However, the culture , lifestyle of the Baduy luar has changed from the Baduy Dalam. They have been using telephone(some of them) and using public transportation to move from one place to another. Unlike the Baduy Dalam which practising 100% traditional and ancient lifestyle. Moreover, the Baduy no matter Dalam or Luar they did not use any of slipper, shoes or any thing to cover their foot from the land. Their daily activities are the ancient lifestyle which are planting, farming, building house without any nail or steel, and hunting animals. This is the introduction to the lifestyle of Baduy society and there plenty of things that we can get and achieve knowledge from Baaduy themselves.

    Eventually, the date of 27th April is one of the special date for Baduy and Indonesian people espescially for the Banten, it is because on this day , the male of Baduy society will make a trip journey without using any single of slipper,shoes to cover their shoes from their places at Lebak to Serang City which approximately 100 kilometre to represent to the leader of the city by giving their crop and soil such as rice paddy, banana and many more. It is the symbol of respect and humbleness for their own pride. It is also giving the freedom and peace to Baduy and this journey is called as Seba Baduy. Seba Baduy is one of the tourism and tourist attraction and unique and cant be seen unless in Indonesia , and April be this will become one of the best tourist attraction to Indonesia to get to know about Baduy and its uniqueness

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    From Lebak , they(Baduy Dalam) start to walk to Serang city. It takes almost 3 days to reach there and approximately 100+ kilometres from Lebak to Serang city. While for the Baduy Luar they will using public transportation to reach there. In 28th April, Baduy will safely arrived in their first pitstop which is Rangkas Bitung. In Rangkas, they will take a rest and Saba Baduy which means making a relationship and communication with the society and also leaders of Rangkas Bitung. Their everyday communication are using Sunda languages. Seba Baduy and Saba Baduy was two different things but from the same society. Besides, in order to appreciate their tired and exhausted walking from a long duration of time, the authorities of Province of Banten will provide them a drink, food and also some kind s of entertainment such as dance, stand up comedy and other exciting event specially for the Baduy. There are also some handcraft made by the Baduy that are being sell to the public. The quality are very good and smooth, which are world class handcraft textiles. On the night of the 28th April,  they just staying at Rangkas Bitung to take a nap there.

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    On the 29th of April, this Baduy society espescially the Baduy Dalam will get up as early as 4 am in the morning and continue their journey to Serang (70+kilometres) from Rangkas Bitung to meet the leader of the Province of Banten there. It is an honour to see them in live while looking at them walking without any shoes or slippers to cover their shoes with a proper manner of walking by horizontally like a soldier and its batallion walking. They never making any fuss , noise while walking just resting for maybe 5 minutes each time they stop to take a rest. They have their own direction without any kind of maps, police escort or anything. They know where to go, stop and others. As being told by the researchers of Baduys, they actually have their own maps that never being showed to the public , as only for their own references and same goes to calendar. They have their own calendar , such as harvest time, Seba Baduy and so on. Its shows that Baduy society is very discipline and systematic person. They are very obedient to the leaders. The journey usually ends at 4 pm to reach Serang City or also known as Pendopor. They will take rest for a while, and being served with food and drinks by the authorities of Banten. The ceremony of giving Baduy crops and gift will starts on 8 pm until finished. After finished with the ceremony of Seba Baduy, tthere will be a Wayang Kulit/Golek performance for them. This Seba Baduy is open for public , and without any boundary for them to see live this memorable moment every year. After Seba Baduy ceremony finished, they will take a rest to continue back their trip by walking to Lebak for the next day.

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    It is such an interesting event for the Banten and the World to join and get to know deeper about Baduy itself. There are many things that needs to be learnt from them. We as Malaysian are being proud because we have been gived the opportunities to involve in this Seba Baduy event. We hope that we can get to know deeper about Baduy and anything related to them. We also hoping that Indonesia will continue to preserve this Baduy society and culture and also giving them an Islamic knowledge and preach for them , because until now Baduy dalam still practicing animisme in their daily life unlike Baduy Luar. Thank you

    * Students Of USIM (University Of Islamic Science of Malaysia)

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