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    The month of Ramadhan is the month of change. Everything changes around us, the universe changes. The Prophet Muhammad SAW said the gates of paradise will be widely open, the gates of hell will be closed and the leader of the shayateen will be chained. This is the month where so many angels will be descending and coming down to the earth for witness the prayer, to witness the time of suhoor, in the end of the day, to witness the iftaar, to make du’a for the believers.

    Allah made this month of change that great things happen in it has been reported it is the month where Prophet Isa AS was taken and risen to the heavens and saved from his enemy. It is also the day of the flood. Some of the scholars said in the time of Prophet Nuh AS. Some ulama said that this is the day Prophet Musa AS passed away.

    This is the month where Al Quran was sent down and this is the biggest tool of change, changing people. It is the month where so many great incident took place. This is the month where the first major defeat happened to the people of Quraish in the battle of Badr. This is where the beginning of “Uswatul Ghandak”, they started digging the trench around the Madinah and later on the battle took place.

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    But also, this is the month where the conquest of Makkah which had changed the course of history where the Prophet Muhammad entered Makkah destroyed the idols around Makkah. This is the month where the Prophet Muhammad also not only after he gained the respect and the power in Arabia, he even started being recognised by the other forces around Arabia and this happened in the battle of Tabouk which took place in Ramadhan as well.

    This is the month where Muslims had reached so many places in the world. This is the first time the Muslims reached across the sea, the mediterranean sea went to Al Andalus. So many things changed during the month of Ramadhan. But I think the biggest question is that not what has changed, what will change during this year, what is the change that is going to take place? And it doesn’t matter what kind of change will happen to everybody if there is no real change happening to you. Each and everyone of us should ask ourselves, what is the thing that has happened this year to me? How am I gonna change? How am I gonna take advantage of this month to change myself?

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    It is in surah Zalzalah where Allah SWT said: “If you do good, one good deed, even if it is the weight of Dzarah, you will see it”. This verse it is has many benefits we can learn from it. But one of the points why intentionally bought this verse here in this topic for is to understand that change happens with small things. The more you do these small things the more you will change yourself. You know change usually it doesn’t happen by taking this huge major steps and dramatic change in your life. It is these little things that you do. That’s why Quran emphasises on the importance of not underestimating or belittling the little good deeds, the little steps that we take. The Prophet SAW said: “Don’t underestimate the power of any good deeds, even if you smile at your brother”.

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    So, what I want you to do, what I want us to do this month, InsyaAllah to focus on doing as many good deeds as we can even these little small things. You know, reaching out to someone, giving your parking spot to an older gentleman or a family to let them park in your parking spot in the masjid, helping the volunteer in the masjid, serving food, cleaning after the Iftaar, helping someone in learning Quran. Small steps will help you to change.

    May Allah SWT make this the most blessed month to all of us. Assalamualaikum WBT.

    * Professor of Islamic Studies,Since 2008, he has served as Vice President and Instructor at the AlMaghrib Institute in Houston, Texas, where his duties include serving as head of the Theology and Ethics Department. Since 1997, Dr. Basyouni has also served as Imam and President of the Clear Lake Islamic Center in Houston. He is a member of the North American Imams Federation.

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